The Ultimate Travellin’ Variety Show……. Captain Festus McBoyle and his motley crew……. masters of music and mischief.

Finalist, Best NZ kids Video, 2012 (Pirates Limbo)

Finalist, Best NZ Kids Album, 2013 (A Pirates Life…)

Vaudeville Musical Comedy.
Family Entertainment at its best!

Captain Festus McBoyle comes complete with Mr Thadius Green and the lovely wife Miss Lucy Drawers.

Fungal Finnegan is currently ‘holidaying’ in Australia, courtesy of Her Majesty the Queen.

Sir William Crust has run off to join the Circus. Now employed as ‘The Bearded Lady’.

Mr Samuel Thickwickett turned out to be a right banker. He’s sitting on the fence in Switzerland.

Also for hire is Miss Penny Short (not the full Quid) and a large rat called Mr Cheese. He likes to rummage through the bins ya know!

Humorous Songs, Pirate Styled Games, Tales of the Sea……..Full stage shows, roaming entertainment and solo shows  ……….  There’s nothing we cant do ! 

More fun than a squirrel up ya jumper! 

No gig too big or too small. This motley crew have performed for crowds of over 18 thousand, right down to a small bash in a sandpit.

Suited to both adult and kids events.
Catchy tunes, cheeky attitudes and clever humor.
A top notch act, these guys are not to be missed.

The school shows have been very successful.
They tie in extremely well with school curriculum.

The Auckland Philharmonia collaborations were a huge success. A series of shows with both the full orchestra and the APO tango band ‘VIVO’  (32 shows in total)

Compared to Spike Milligan, Benny Hill & Monty Python.

All shows are tailor made to suit, each offering a unique & fun filled experience for all to enjoy.

Available for:

  • Stage Shows
  • Roaming Street Performance
  • Meet & Greet events
  • Festivals, Parades
  • Educational School Shows
  • Kindy Appearances
  • MC Roles
  • Fund raising events
  • Corporate Team Building and Themed Events
  • Private Parties for both children & adults
  • Pirate Styled Family Games
  • Voice overs, Jingles (Original Music & Lyrics)
  • Television Appearances
  • Weddings & Funerals